Magic Maze: The Most Frustratingly Fun Coop

Posted by Anna Geare on

Silently yell and gesture at your friends while playing Magic Maze, a coop board game where not a single player can talk.

The game takes place in a mall, which expands as the game is played, much like the game Betrayal at House on the Hill. The object of the game is to get each of the characters to the location of the object they plan to steal, then out through their respective exits. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. You have 4 characters and 1-8 players. Each player is able to move every character, but only in their assigned direction. If 6 people are playing, one will be able to move them up, one down, one right, one left, one through new doorways, and one up escalators. This is randomized based on the number of players of course. With a timer counting down until your characters are caught and not a single word spoken, chaos quickly ensues as you try to get your friends to go in the direction you know will lead to victory.

This is merely the base game. Magic Maze has a amazing replay ability. As you master reading your friends' minds, you can add more scenarios, which then incorporates more rules, such as security cameras and warping across the board. Enjoy endless fun glaring at your friends and successfully robbing a mall in the comfort of your living room.

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