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Brian, who is obsessed with Cthulhu, had a birthday recently. I decided to give a theme to his birthday dinner. While this is a great dinner idea, this could also be used for some great snacks for Call of Cthulhu or a Cthulhu themed board game night. Or you could make them for the usual night of dark overlord worshiping.

The appetizer was supposed to be some Cthulhu shaped pretzels. Unfortunately, this was a failure. The dough never rose and I was left with a pot of primordial green goop... Perhaps I did something wrong? Feel free to give it a try yourself! The recipe (along with dozens of others I now must try) can be found here:

The main course was seafood linguine. Not the easiest snack food, but great if you're doing a late nighter and want to serve your friends some real food. While calamari is harder to find than you would think, I was VERY pleased to find some with tentacles and the usual rings right at WinCo! Worst comes to worst, I'm sure your local Asian or seafood market should have some.

This recipe I made up, more or less, on the fly. Brian isn't a huge fan of white sauce, so I decided to make a garlic “sauce” (if you can call loads of melted butter with tons of garlic a sauce). To use up the entirety of the seafood, I cooked about 3 servings of noodles. Then I tossed the calamari on the stove and began melting butter. A few tablespoons of butter, 3 cloves of garlic, and some garlic powder and basil made up the sauce. I poured the sauce over the calamari and let is simmer while the pasta cooked. I then poured the pasta over the calamari and sauce, tossed it together, and served it.

Then came the dessert. Normally, I like to bake elaborate desserts, but I figured between the pretzels and pasta I wouldn't have the time or energy. So instead, I went with a very simple, yet cthorable treat. Mint chip ice cream with gummy worms and M&Ms. I'm sure any of your friends would love to snack on this while playing a rousing game of Cthulhu Fluxx.

The recipe is fairly self explanatory. A single scoop of whatever mint or mint chip ice cream is your favorite. To get the green gummy worms, I went to the bulk foods section of WinCo and picked out a decent bag full of green gummy worms. I figured my Cthulhu ice cream needed eyes, so I bought a bag of peanut M&Ms and picked out a few brown ones. Left with an entire bag of M&Ms, I decided to pick out all the blue ones to create an ocean under him. The thought of getting a cookie and breaking it in half to make wings also crossed my mind, but decided that might be tad much and unnecessary for the picture to get across.

Well I hope you enjoy your Cthulhu themed foods! Let me know if you have any other ideas or recipes in the comments or if you try any of mine!

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